Ritratto di giovane donna #1



Unique edition
Negative of Polaroid
Size 10×8 cm

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“…Photography is a mechanical extension of painting and human visual representation.
As an image it is devoid of realistic significance even if, unlike painting, it has the ability to faithfully reproduce the sensitive world.
My work is an attempt to move away from the truth and the concept of memory, trying to evoke sensations, intuitions and thoughts that settle in my mind and in the subsequent attempt to fix them on a surface.
The use of the Polaroid (and its negative) have a double meaning; on one hand, it allows me to work on a more raw and less defined material and, on the other hand, to use aesthetically what differs photography from painting: the imponderability of the instant.
During the shooting or development I tend to implement techniques in which I create more or less random errors, aimed at creating a sort of amazement in the result or perhaps, as I love to think, a form of magic…”

All the works of Manuele Geromini will be delivered in a rigid cardboard box, within 3 weeks.

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