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Artist Profile

Enzo Obiso

Born 1954, Campobello di Mazara, Trapani, Italy.
Enzo Obiso Profile

Artist Profile

Enzo Obiso

Born 1954, Campobello di Mazara, Trapani, Italy.

“…Enzo Obiso, reveals an extraordinary attention to meaning between together and fragments of the same reality, exploited with sensitivity and great mastery to build visual paths of knowledge in which we find each other side by side, seamlessly, urban landscapes, natural and artificial, female nudes, figures of living beings – be they animals or people…” (da “il 900 in fotografia” Marina Miraglia)

Enzo Obiso (Campobello di Mazara, Italy, 1954). He starts to photograph at the beginning of the 70’s.

He graduates from the Accademia Albertina in Turin in 1978, and, in the same year, he goes to Ethiopia for the editor Piero Campi, to realize a photographic project following the Eritrean Liberation Front.

In 1989 an in 1991 he travels to India and Mongolia to realize visual notes of professional adventures, lived with intimacy and reflection.
The publisher Monica Smith Editore (Turin) has realized from his work about India a photo book with pictures in b&w, this, along with a parallel exhibition, has toured Europe from ’91 till ’95 through the prestigious internacional circuit of Fnac. Also from 1989, is the exhibition India held at the Shirley Day & Rossi Gallery in London. Starting in 1990, he begins a photographic journey on the female nude (which is still going on) displayed for the first time in 1993 during the exhibition Ritratti di beata bellezza by Guido Costa, on the occasion of the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto and at the Boudoir de la Photo Gallery in Bolzano.

In 2002 he joins the collection of GAM Gallery of Modern Contemporary Art in Turin on the occasion of the exhibition Il Silenzio della superficie.

Since 2000 until 2013 he directed the Triennal Course of Photography of the European Institute of Design (IED) in Turin.
During the teaching time at IED, he directed the students of the Photography Course for the realization of them degree projects, in photographic missions in Italy, Romania, Bosnia, Sri Lanka, Togo, India, Cuba.

Since 2011 he’s co-founder and Artistic Director of PHOS Multipurpose Center for Photography and Visual Arts.

Lives and work in Turin.



H2O Oeuvres

Collection Sandretto Re Rebaudengo,
Palais Lumière Evian, France.


L’Italia va in vacanza

Curated by Pio Baldi and Margherita Guccione
Foundation MAXXI, Roma, Italy.


….e Bellezza sia!

Foundation 107, Torino, Italy.


Nostalgia del Futuro

Galleria Must Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland.


Nostalgia del Futuro, L’Havana, Cuba

GSF Contemporary Art, Torino, Italy.