Minded Space



Edition 2 of 6
Fine art print on Hahnemühle cotton paper
Size 50×50 cm

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Uncertain Worlds are made up of seemingly modest – but no less creative or prolific – objects. A mouldy fruit in an advanced state of putrefaction abandons its condition of waste to embrace that of a productive and creative tool for knowledge and imagination. From waste to fuse for a thought, the mouldy orange, becomes a monumental image, able to show the tension towards infinity which transpires even from nature’s smallest product. A new context or a simple variation of the image can change the entrenched visual mechanisms, so to trigger that curiosity which lies at the basis of the knowledge system (by Fabio Cafagna)

This work of Giulio Cassanelli will be delivered mounted on dibond with spacer in a pluriball package, within 2 weeks.

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