306 #2



Unique edition
Scalpel on Paper
Size 10.7×17.7 cm

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This project started in 2018 for a specific intervention established in a hotel crossing a highway leading to Bologna. After many synchronicities, she decide to invest room no. 306. The apprehension of a background of possible narratives in the memory of this space opens to his eyes like a book on the page of this door number.

The language, its lexicon, its metrics, its prosody, everything is attacked, deconstruc- ted, cut, holed. Punctuation, this breathing remains untouched by this staging and the rhythm of what we read and what we do not read amplifies the feeling of loss, the absence of the memory of words.

Since that time, she offers words, fragmented and unstable poetic sentences, disrup- ting codes of writing. The challenge is to reappropriate the language of others by freeing it from its linearity by a hazardous game of cutting creating an elsewhere, from within to outside. This emptiness, this trace of emptiness is not only the disap- pearance of the origin. It becomes origin of the origin.

All the works of Andreanne Oberson will be delivered in a rigid cardboard box, within 3 weeks.

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